Jackson County Soil and Water Conservation District

Our Mission
To meet the needs of natural resource users by making available and coordinating technical, financial, and educational resources to conserve soil, water, and related natural resources.
Regular Meeting
Tuesday May 28th at 5:00pm

 The meeting will be held at:
USDA-Service Center
2026 Fairgreens Road
Jackson, Ohio

Kids Day

Kids and their families attended a conservation educaiton day hosted by Jackson, Vinton, Hocking and Athens SWCD's. Topics included forestry, Aquatics, WIldlife, and Fishing. The kids had a blast despite the bad weather.

Erosion Education

3rd grade students at Westview Elementary learned about erosion and the effects it can have to our streams and landscape.  Students got to see what happens when a small pond is breached and the water cuts its path down hill.
Board Meeting Dates Have Changed
For 2019 Jackson SWCD Board Meetings will be held on the last Tuesday of each month at 5:00pm
Below is the tentative list for meeting dates

May 28th
June 25th
July 30th
August 27th
September 24th
October 29th
December 17th


on January 23rd 2019, the Jackson Soil and Water Conservation District Board of Supervisors selected the following for 2019.
Don Althoff - Chairman
Don Fulton - Vice-Chairman
Annetta Lewis - Treasurer/Financial Officer
Bill Clark - Member
James Johnson-Member

The regular monthly meetings of the Jackson SWCD will be held at 5:00pm on the last Tuesday of each month. Unless otherwise advertised, all meetings will be held at the USDA Service Center, 2026 Fairgreens Road, Jackson, Ohio.
Water Quality
We strive to implement the best management techniques and programs to increase the quality of watersheds and all that is affected within it.  We collaborate with landowners, educate the public on these great programs and practices that will improve our natural resources.
Soil Quality
We work with local farmers and landowners in the county to promote best management practices to maintain healthy soils.  We offer many programs and educational materials that help the public understand how valuable of resource soil is and how to increase its quality and maintain health.
Come listen and learn about what Jackson SWCD has been doing and discussion of what we want to achieve with our monthly meetings.

Our next meeting is February 26th, 2019 5:00pm at 2026 Fairgreens Road, Jackson, Ohio 45640
We can do programs or presentation given on soil,erosion, water,wildlife,forests, conservation, walk in the woods,whats in my stream, outdoor programs or anything conservation oriented.
Just give us a call to set something up

Dam Safety
USGS - Dam Breach
Soil plays an important role in dam and dike contruction.  It is very important to maintain a solid structure to hold the water, any breach in the dam or dike can be catostrophic very quickly.  Watch this video to see how quickly a small breach can cause a dam or dike to fail. Also note what is affected by the water that is released.