Jackson County Soil and Water Conservation District

Our Mission
To meet the needs of natural resource users by making available and coordinating technical, financial, and educational resources to conserve soil, water, and related natural resources.
Board Meeting
Regularly scheduled Board Meeting scheduled for October 24th 2018 at 5:00pm 
Located at 2026 fairgreens road, Jackson, Ohio 45640.


The Jackson SWCD’s Fall Fish Sale has officially begun. We offer a variety of fish; BLACK CRAPPIE, largemouth bass, bluegill, hybrid bluegill, red-ear sunfish, channel catfish, yellow perch, Japanese koi, white amur and fathead minnows . Orders must be received before October 23rd 2018 at the Jackson SWCD Office. See enclosed brochure for additional information.

*black crappie are only available during our fall sale


our next pond clinic will be in October with the location, date and time yet to be determined.

on April 26th 2018, the Jackson Soil and Water Conservation District Board of Supervisors selected the following for 2018.
Michael Sheeter - Chairman
Josh McWilliams - Vice-Chairman/financial officer
Annetta Lewis - Member
Don Fulton - Member
Bill Clark - Member
The regular monthly meetings of the Jackson SWCD will be held at 5:00pm on the 4th Wednesday of each month. Unless otherwise advertised, all meetings will be held at the USDA Service Center, 2026 Fairgreens Road, Jackson, Ohio.
Water Quality
We strive to implement the best management techniques and programs to increase the quality of watersheds and all that is affected within it.  We collaborate with landowners, educate the public on these great programs and practices that will improve our natural resources.
Soil Quality
We work with local farmers and landowners in the county to promote best management practices to maintain healthy soils.  We offer many programs and educational materials that help the public understand how valuable of resource soil is and how to increase its quality and maintain health.

2017 Jackson County Fair

A big Thank You to every participant in this years fair.  The Jackson SWCD sponsered some trophies and banners this year and would like to congratulate the following participants: Jillian Evans - Lets Bake Quick Breads, Carlee Dempsey - Rate of Gain Market Steer Banner, Joann Bigham - Gardening/Plant Soil, Blake Mercer - Senior Sheep Showmanship (Not Pictured). Photos taken by the Jackson Telegram, Times Journal and Victoria Vinson
Come check out the Rosey Jones Pollinator Park in Coalton. This park was designed to benefit wildlife and increase pollinator habitat.  The park features brush piles, hotels for reptiles and insects as well a pollinator plot. It also has pollinator friendly trees, shrubs and plants. Several bird houses and a bat box was donated to the park. Detailed timeline of the park with pictures is on the projects page.
Come listen and learn about what Jackson SWCD has been doing and discussion of what we want to achieve with our monthly meetings.

Our next meeting is September 26th, 2018 5:00pm at 2026 Fairgreens Road, Jackson, Ohio 45640
We can do programs or presentation given on soil,erosion, water,wildlife,forests, conservation, walk in the woods,whats in my stream, outdoor programs or anything conservation oriented.
Just give us a call to set something up

2017 Jackson-Vinton County Farm Bureau AG Day
On May 12th, 2017 the Jackson Soil and Water Conservation District presented at the Jackson-Vinton County Farm Bureau AG Day.  Roughly 500 second graders from Jackson and Vinton counties attended the event.  Their were 18 stations which the students rotated through, at the Jackson SWCD station the students learned about conservation and wildlife.  Bruce Barkhurst (District Administrator) spoke to the students about what the SWCD does and how we help with conservation within our county.  Andrew Bennett (Wildlife Specialist / District Technician ) educated the kids on how soil and water affects our plants and animals as well as how to identify the pelts of native Jackson County mammals.  Madison Nadler (Jackson SWCD Intern) provided each student with a packet of milkweed seeds or a single norway spruce tree so that they can plant them to increase habitat.

SWCD gives presentation to Boy Scout Troop 48 

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
On Monday, March 9th 2017 Andrew Bennett, the          Wildlife Specialist/District Technician for Jackson SWCD gave a presentation on Soil and Water Conservation to aide in  Troop 48 in obtaining their requirements for the Soil and Water Conservation Merit Badge.  The troop learned about soil erosion, control techniques, why vegetation is important, watersheds and why we test our soil.
Dam Safety
USGS - Dam Breach
Soil plays an important role in dam and dike contruction.  It is very important to maintain a solid structure to hold the water, any breach in the dam or dike can be catostrophic very quickly.  Watch this video to see how quickly a small breach can cause a dam or dike to fail. Also note what is affected by the water that is released.