Jackson County Soil and Water Conservation District

Our Mission
To meet the needs of natural resource users by making available and coordinating technical, financial, and educational resources to conserve soil, water, and related natural resources.

Jackson County SWCD

Paul Verga - District Manager
(740) 286-5208 ext. 5260
[email protected]


Natural Resources Conservation Service
Carrie Crislip - District Conservationist
(740) 286-5208 ext. 5262
[email protected]

Larry Johnson - ACES Employee
(740) 286-5208 ext. 5261
[email protected]

Mike Rakes - Civil Engineering Technician
(740) 286-5208 ext. 5252
[email protected]


Our goal is to be viewed as a holistic land and water resource by the landowners and citizens of Jackson County.

---In response to the dust bowl of 1934 President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Soil Conservation Act of 1935, Public Law No. 46.  The act established the Soil Conservation Service (SCS) within the USDA.
---In 1941 Ohio Legislature passed the Soil Conservation District Act which permitted farmers to organize Soil Conservation Districts governed by a board of five farmer-elected supervisors.
---On November 29th, 1943 a petition bearing 192 signatures was filed with the Ohio Soil Conservation Committee requesting the organization of the Jackson Conservation District.
---On March 29th 1944, the State Soil Conservation Committee signed the decree establishing the Jackson Soil Conservation District.

Jackson SWCD Board Supervisors

Don Althoff - Chairman -2021
Don Fulton - Vice-Chairman -2020

Annetta Lewis - Treasurer - 2021
Bill Clark - Member - 2020