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To meet the needs of natural resource users by making available and coordinating technical, financial, and educational resources to conserve soil, water, and related natural resources.

SWCD--ODOT Milkweed and Pollinator Plot Project

The purpose of this project was to record and document all the locations of milkweed stands 25+ or larger along US Route 35 and State Route 32 within the Jackson County lines.  As well as determining the quality of ten locations for future pollinator plots along the highway managed by ODOT.  Click on the buttons below to view the project details and results.
Jackson Milkweed Project Part 1
Jackson Milkweed Project Part 2
Rosey Jones Park Project
This 1/2 acre lot located in the village of coalton on 3rd street, was donated by John Jones on behalf of his grandmother Rosey Jones.  In January of 2017 the village of Coalton approached us here at the Jackson Soil and Water Conservation District for assistance with the Rosey Jones Park Project.  After looking at the lot, a design and management plan was presented to Kim Milliken; Mayor of Coalton, and Dawn Coleman; Fiscal Officer of Coalton.  The park is designed as a conservation park which is targeted for bees, butterflies, birds, bats and reptiles but will benefit a wide variety of animals and plants.
Below is the initial plan given to Coalton from Jackson SWCD, this plan may be altered as need arises.
Rosey Jones Park Project Plan
While there are many people to thank for their hard work and help toward getting this park finished and looking as good as it does, we want to recognize a few that have worked tirelessly on the park itself as well as media platforms to make the village of Coalton aware of this great park that will be enjoyed for many years.  Pictured left is Dawn Coleman; Fiscal Officer of Coalton, Dawn and her family spent a lot of their free time to make sure this park is a success by clearing brush, planting trees, making reptile and insect hotels, making signs and much much more.  Pictured center is Duane Boswell; Maintenance Supervisor, Duane worked very hard to make sure the park is looking good and on track by keeping the park maintained, planting trees, and removing trees in planting areas and much more.  Pictured right, Kim Milliken; Mayor of Coalton, Kim works hard to make sure the park is a success by helping with the park, keeping the public informed and updated, and promoting conservation.
Thank you for everyone that has helped make this park a success, a big thank you to Dawn, Duane and Kim for making the idea a reality.

January 11th, 2017

First site visit to Rosey Jones Park by SWCD to assess the potential conservation techniques that could be applied to this 1/2 acre lot.

January 23rd, 2017

Field visit to Rosey Jones Park by SWCD to take measurements and pictures to be used in development of management plan and park designs.

February 9th, 2017

During this site visit flags were placed  by SWCD to mark the projected stone pathway as well as tree locations and the insect motels.

March 9th, 2017

Coalton residents, employees, and volunteers began construction of Rosey Jones Park.  They had a great turnout of help and got the path dug out ready for stone fill. They also put up insect hotels, a reptile motel and brush piles for wildlife to utilize.

March 20th, 2017

Dawn Coleman and her family as well as coalton employees worked tirelessly to make additional insect hotels and remove brush and trees from the warm season grass plot area targeted for pollinators. All the pallets were  donated by Kenworth in Chillicothe.

March 25th, 2017

Dawn and her family, Coalton staff have cleared the area for planting of the warm season grasses and tree seedlings.  Started constructing more insect hotels and placed final touches on the reptile motel.

April 2nd, 2017

Duane Boswell, Dawn Coleman and family once again worked tirelessly to get the stone path nearly finished by filling stone into the dug path.  Before they got the wheelbarrow Duane had filled nearly 40 feet of the path by 5 gallon bucket!!

May 10th, 2017

Dawn and her family, as well as Duane and staff have planted trees, finished the insect hotels and have the path nearly done.  Time to prep the warm season grass plot area for planting.

May 24th, 2017

Chris Brown donated his time and equipment to till this plot and plant warm season grasses for bees, butterflies, birds, bats and other wildlife to utilize.  Thank you Chris for your help and generosity!

June 2nd, 2017

Duane Boswell has weedeated the park and it looks sharp!  The pollinator plot and the trees have all been planted, the hotels are made, the grass is cut, the park is nearly done.  A bench has been donated by Teresa Hively for the park in honor of her parents.  As well as many bird houses and bat boxes from local people to be put up. Signs will be put up to inform the public of what the insect and reptile hotels are for and how they help wildlife.  Thank you Dawn for making these awesome signs!

June 23rd 2017

Signs have been put up along the trail with brief descriptions of what things are and how they will benefit wildlife.  The pollinator plot is growing and the milkweed is coming in nicely.

July 3rd, 2017

6:00pm on monday night, the village of coalton held the grand opening of Rosey Jones Park.  Many showed up to show their support and to hang up birdhouses, batboxes and plants for the park.  Dawn Coleman, Coalton fiscal officer, spoke about how this park got started and gave thanks to all who have helped with this beautiful park.  Andrew Bennett, Jackson SWCD Wildlife Specialist, spoke about what the different structures in the park and how they will benefit wildlife.
Thank you
Many people have donated their time, equipment, plants and hard work to get this project acomplished.  We would like to Thank the following for their donations;  Mike Bledsoe and Seth Bledsoe for donateing their time, money and hard work towards this park. Chris Brown ( EMZCO ) for donating his time and equipment so that the path could be dug, the pollinator plot tilled and planted.  Kenworth in Chillicothe for donating the pallets that were used for the insect hotels and the reptile motel. Dawn Coleman and family for donating their time, money, hard work, materials, signs, plants and dedication to the park. Duane Boswell for keeping the park looking kept, planting trees, removing vegetation for plot area and maintainance of the park.  Tina and Valerie Wyatt for donating several plants, their time and hard work to make this park a success. Kim Milliken for her dedication to conservation, public outreach and her time to this park. Fannin Family Farms for donating a fruit tree and plants for the wildlife to utilize.  Jackson SWCD for donating seeds, trees for the park and the management plan for the park . Andrew Bennett for donating his time and bat box for the park. Chrissy Perrill for donating her time and hard work towards this park. Annetta Lewis for recommending the Jackson SWCD to Dawn Coleman and Kim Milliken. Teresa Hively for donating a bench for the park. Once again there were many who contributed to this park and we want to thank everyone for their help and I apoligize if i missed anyone, this was a team effort from everyone and we appreciate the outstanding dedication from the village of Coalton.
Now Open   
Once again Thank You to everyone who has helped make this park a success.  As a reminder this park is not finished quite yet but will be soon. In the meantime please feel free to visit the park but please take your trash with you and keep the park clean and undamaged.
Come visit Rosey Jones Park!!!
This park is managed for conservation with a targeted approach to maintaining and increasing pollinator habitat.  The park will be habitat for a variety of bees, birds, bats, butterflies and other wildlife such as mammals, reptiles, and insects as well as many others.
The park is located on the opposite side of St. Rt. 93 across from the community building. The easiest way to reach Rosey Jones Park is to turn onto Exline road and then a right onto 3rd street.  Please be aware that there is limited vehicle parking at the park.